Mother The Mother Coaching:
You’ve had the baby. Now what?
Whether you’re 3 months Postpartum or a year or two (or 5) out, you are still very much Postpartum. Once you have gotten through the haze of life with a newborn, it can be a challenging (and exciting) time to figure out who you now are, what you want to do work wise (or not) and where you want to go. I am here to hold space for you as you empower yourself in your new life chapter.
We will work together to incorporate Life Coaching, Nutrition, Meditation, Yoga, Self-care and Inner work to facilitate your journey.
– Free consultation
– Plan and commitment will be designed specifically for you in either 3, 6 or 12 month increments.

Nutrition Consultations:
From fertility to postpartum and beyond, I work with clients to find a healing, healthy, balanced way to view and eat food.
I help women prep their bodies to conceive and then heal post-birth. I help women prioritize their own self-care through taking the time to nurture their own needs and appetites.

Loss Doula Consultations:
Every birth is a miracle. Once you become pregnant you quickly learn how many thousands of variables must align to produce, grow and birth a baby. Sadly, not all pregnancies end in a healthy thriving baby. Every mother is touched by the loss of a Soul. Whether the loss occurs early on or at birth, all losses should be honored and respected. The later the loss, the more there is a chemical wave to ride. My intention is to hold space for the mother to grieve, process and heal. Details will be discussed on a person to person basis and can include verbal processing, Reiki, Meditation, Restorative Yoga, Abhyanga. Pro bono work is available for stillbirths.

$2222.00 – 3 Month Coaching Container
$333.00 per hour session
$999.00 for group of 3 sessions