McLean was an ABSOLUTE gift from the Gods, she graced us with 20+ days. I felt like I got to “cut the line” and get firsthand information and knowledge about being a mom and babycare while having my hands held at the most vulnerable time in my adult life. McLean cared for me and my baby in such a deep way I truly felt the nourishing support and loving vibrations that I needed (and then some!). She had our backs and was just an angel. I love McLean and am grateful that she was there for us; as long as I live, I’ll never forget the time and effort, true heart and care McLean gave us. I’m happy to call McLean a total bud and I wish I could still see her as often as I did when Rose. We love you McLean!
—Liz, stylist and event planner

As a first time mom, I was not sure what to expect after bringing my baby home from the hospital. After meeting with McLean prior to the birth of my baby, there was a great sense of relief knowing that she would be there to help our new family through the first couple of weeks. McLean was quickly able to understand the support that I needed, and helped me feel more comfortable as I transitioned into my new role. Her commitment to supporting my physical and emotional healing along with providing knowledge of how to care for my baby was truly beneficial. Thank you McLean for helping my family get off to a great start. You will always have a special place in our hearts!
—Courtney, marketing manager

McLean provided me with the best  post partum comfort, care and emotional support I could have ever asked for. Whether it was therapeutic massage, preparing my baths or just listening to my worries, she was instrumental in my healing process and swift recovery.  As if that wasn’t enough, McLean is a phenomenal cook!  Her meals are tailored specifically for post partum mothers and are nutritious and delicious.  If I could, she would still be delivering meals to me every day!
—Jacqueline, actress, singer

Mclean is a gem! I immediately felt eased and soothed by her calm presence and sense of humor. She is incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and non-intrusive during such a sensitive time. Her ability to help me recover was most valuable to me. From oil massage, to nourishing golden milk, siitz baths, & meditation I felt taken care of so that I can be present to my son. In addition to helping my self care and caring for my son, she took care of other things without asking—dishes, cleaning up, etc. I was so grateful to have her support.
—Adee, Producer, Itay, & Baby Liav

I live with an autoimmune condition called Lupus.  During my 20th gestational week, I went into a severe flare.  McLean was the angel who helped carry me through my complicated pregnancy and recovery.  She genuinely cares and I always felt emotionally, spiritually and physically supported.  I am so grateful to have her in my life for she truly is love and light.
—Maurissa, show runner and TV writer